School Social Work Journal   (Illinois Association of School Social Workers)

Children in Schools  - (NASW)

Current Era Books

The School Services Sourcebook, Second Edition: A Guide for School Based Professionals,                                      

2nd Edition, Cynthia Franklin; Mary Beth Harris; & Paula Allen-Meares (Editors) Oxford,, 2013

Social Work Services in Schools 7th Edition, Paula Allen-Meares, Pearson, 2014

School Social Work: Skills and Interventions for Effective Practice, David Dupper, 2003

School Social Work: A Direct Practice Guide, JoAnn Jarolmen, Sage, 2014

School Social Work: Practice, Policy, and Research, 8th Edition, Carol Ripley Massat,                                             

Robert Constable & Michael Kelly (Editors), Lycuum, 2015

School Social Work Worldwide, Marion Huxtable & Eric Blyth (Editors), NASW Press, 2002

School Social Work: Theory to Practice, 1st Edition, Lynn Bye & Michelle Alvarez (Editors),                               

Cengage Learning, 2006

The School Social Work Toolkit: Hands –On Counseling Activities and Workshops,                                                     

Alison Varianides, NASW Press, 2012

Resources in the Current Era

In the United States there are two journals and a number of  books that focus on school social work.  They are listed below but not linked.