School Social Work Practice, 1956 (small booklet - 30+pages)

Social Work Services in the Schools, 1960

NASW - Work with Groups, 1963

NASW and P.L. 94-142, 1977 Continuing Education Series

Social Work Services in Schools, 1978 - Continuing Education Series - Costin

NASW School Social Work Literature, 1979 C.E. Series - Fisher

School Social Work and the Law, 1980 C.E. Series

NASW School Social Work Conference Program Booklets                                

     Denver, 1978; Washington, DC, 1981; & New Orleans, 1985

During this era there school social work was often featured in the NASW News as well as a quarterly newsletter type publication, the NASW School Social Work Section Bulletin.

NASW has not yet given this site permission to link their publications starting in 1956. Some of the major ones are listed below but not linked.  02-06-2016