Within school social work 1995 was significant on two fronts.  The early 1990's marked the decline of NASW's direct services to school social workers after almost 20 years of attention.  And into that void the School Social Work Association of America was created and began its first full year in 1995.

In this current age a number of school social work textbooks have appeared and are listed in this section of this site. And Oxford Press has a entire series of books relevant to school social work as well as other books from assorted publishers. Evidence based practice is a popular topic in recent years. 

Children and Schools and the School Social Work Journal are both well established journals. The International Network for School Social Work brings together school social workers and national associations across the world. International Conferences have proven successful after the first in Chicago in 1999. State associations in the United States continue to grow. The Midwest School Social Work Council continues to play an important role. Three other regional groups have fallen by the wayside during this era. Annual state conferences, the Midwest Conference and SSWAA's annual national conferences are well attended.

During this current era electronic data bases and ways to obtain journal resources electronically have grown and given all in our school social work community instant access to many new resources.

Current Literature  1995-Present