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The mission of this site is simple.  It is to preserve the literature and history of the school social work field and to share it with practitioners, students, professors and historians.  Today we have internet resources that bring current resources to us in the matter of seconds.  The older resources are only in a print format and in order for them to saved they must be converted to an electronic format.  School social work is such a specialized field there are few resources to attempt such a project.  And even if the motivation and funding existed the documents are difficult if not impossible to find. 

Between the years 1973 and 1990 I made an effort to document the early writings from the school social work field.  The holy grail was to find the "Bulletins" of the National Association of School Social  Workers.  In order to complete my quest I visited countless university libraries.  I also communicated with school social workers who were members and officers of NASSW for help.  Some of these delightful retired school social workers shared their literature including many original copies of the Bulletins.  Other Bulletins were photocopied at libraries. The condition of the Bulletins and other early materials vary from poor to excellent.  The scanning process could not make up for poor quality of the photo copies. 

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